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Camera Calibration

We provide a business to business calibration solution for auto glass installers.

Dynamic Calibrations

Completed while driving the vehicle on a well-marked road. Collects real time road and environmental data to re-aim the camera.

Static Calibration

Completed in a controlled environment utilizing specific geometric targets placed at precise positions in front of the car. The camera identifies specific patterns and re-aims based on their location.

Dual Calibration

Select vehicles require a static calibration to be performed first, followed by a dynamic calibration to complete the aiming process.

Regardless of calibration type required, The Calibration People performs the following services on every job

  • Pre-Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Scan
  • Vehicle Pre-Inspection
  • Vehicle/ADAS features pre-test drive
  • Post-DTC Scan
  • Vehicle/ADAS features post-test drive
  • Vehicle Post-Inspection

The type of calibration required for a vehicle is determined by vehicle manufacturer and can differ based on the Model Year or ADAS features of that specific vehicle. If you are unsure which type of calibration is required for a vehicle you would like us to calibrate, please contact us for assistance